Saturday, January 10, 2009

Managed a quick tutorial while waiting to go to work this morning. Hope you enjoy it.

Be My Valentine

Scrap kit can be downloaded from here
The tube I have used you can get here Here, which is by Angie Monasterio
Lets Start !!!!!!!
Open scrap kit on your desk top.
Open a new image 600 X 600 pixels. Flood fill with white
Click on scrap kit, copy and paste raster 2 as a new layer. Resize to 350 X 350 pixels.
Image, Rotate, Free Rotate, right by 15. Duplicate this layer, Image Mirror, merge down
Click on scrap kit, copy and paste Raster 6, paste as a new layer. Drag below your merged layer.
Click on scrap kit, copy Raster 5 (hearts) and paste as a new layer, and drag down below your other 2 layers
Copy and paste Raster 4 as a new layer. Resize to 300 X 300,
Add a drop shadow as follows to each layer 1, 1, 50, 10

Click on scrap kit, copy and paste Raster 18 lace, image rotate, free rotate, right by 90. Place under above layer and erase any overhang. Layer Duplicate, Image Flip. Drop shadow on these 2 layers as before
Click on scrap kit, copy and paste Raster 9, new layer. Move to the right side (see my tag for placement). Drop Shadow
Copy and paste buttons, 10 and 12 as new layers and position to your liking. Drop Shadow same as before.
Copy and paste Raster 15 ribbon, as a new layer. And position to your liking, I placed it in the left top corner.
Copy and paste raster 13 heart as a new layer and resize 58% twice. Place to your liking adding the same drop shadow.
Copy main tube, paste as a new layer. Drop Shadow as before
Select Raster 1 on your layer palette. Add a new layer. Flood fill with color #880a0a, add the mask of your choice.

Mask, delete, Layers, Merge group.
Add the wording of your choice with a drop shadow.
Resize if you wish. Add copyright information

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP and I have used version 9 but should be able to be done in other versions.
This was written by me on January 10, 2009 and any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidence.

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